Day 32 – ‘masked’ Part 5 of Photography by Ellie Grace Last.

Hello Monday!

Welcome to day 32 our zine submission posts. It’s part 5 of Ellie Grace Last’s photography shoot, the final image of the shoot that we feature, but not all of the shots in the series – we simply didn’t have the space to feature them all. These beautiful and striking photographs appear throughout the zine and our website. She her introductory page here, and more features on Day 1114, and 16.

‘Masked – to disguise your true feelings and to hide from others. ‘

I’m pretty sure I do this to some extent on a weekly, if not daily, basis! It’s hard not to. If you feel that someone might be doing this to save face or to make things ‘simpler’ for themselves, make sure that you are kind and you give them time. I hear of so many people struggling in silence. The simplest acts of kindness can change things so much for someone – and it makes you feel better at the end of it. Life is too short to bypass problems – people should feel ok about speaking out and being heard.

Ellie has been so great at identifying the things we all do, there’s no reason to feel ashamed of our ‘masks’ anyway! More often than not – it’s how another person responds to our feelings that can help.

Ellie’s work in our zine is available here

and see Ellie’s beautiful of photography work on her website, here.

Thank you Ellie!


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