Day 31: Don’t compare yourself to anybody else.

Hello Sunday 🙂

Welcome to Day 31 of our run of submission posts for  issue 2 of Designing Out Suicide. We’ve been posting each submission as it appears in our zine, not far off the end now 😦

We’re happy to have another feature on Alysia Casper. Not only is she a wonderful poet (as featured on Day 5) but she is also an illustrator.

Thanks again Alisia! Check out her amazing work here or buy her work featured in a copy of the zine here LOVE YOUR STYLE MS CASPER 🙂

We love this illustration, and it means a lot to really be able to not compare yourself to anyone else. I think everyone does it to some degree, I envy to people who don’t! I think it’s about how we look at ourselves, ultimately.screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-16-24-37

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