DAY 16: Disappear (v.) to become invisible or unnoticeable. Cease to exist.

O! YO, hola, zdras-tvuy-te, namaste, salaam, guten tag, bonjour, hallo, ciao, hello, olà,

Where have we been?! Sorry if you’ve missed us. Hopefully i’ll just be seamlessly popping into your social media world.

Apologies for letting the concurrent posts slip a little. I’m a bit more with it today but today’s theme fits. I’m just going to post it as is. I’m not feeling particularly eloquent and i’m sure that you will find your own interpretations of any creative work displayed. That will most likely be different to mine – i’m always really happy to hear anyone’s thoughts. Whenever.

I will say however, that this photo, the whole idea of it is perfect. It could white easily be a blank page, but it’s a beautiful and ghostly interpretation of disappearing. It is part 4 of Ellie Grace Last’s photography shoot, as it appears in the zine. These beautiful and striking photographs appear throughout the zine. See our posts on days 9, 11 and 14 to read more about Ellie’s work and this shoot in particular.

We’ll be posting more from this photoshoot, as it appears throughout the zine. Copies of the zine are available here and see Ellie’s beautiful of photography work on her website, here.  Thank you Ellie!



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