DAY 14: ‘imperfect’ – Photography by Ellie Grace Last

Happy Sunday to yooooou,

Welcome to day 14 our zine submission posts. It’s part 3 of Ellie Grace Last’s photography shoot. These beautiful and striking photographs appear throughout the zine. See our posts on days 9 and 11 to read more about Ellie’s work and this shoot in particular.

This photo in tackles the concept of imperfection. Directly interpreting the word ‘imperfect’. I think it can apply to so many ways that we see, think and feel, self reflectively, but also looking outwardly. It’s a word a lot of us are all too familiar with. But what is perfect? Maybe nothing is ‘perfect’, our imperfections are what make us brilliant and different to one another. It’s really good to be imperfect – in my personal opinion. There is so much pressure to project the ‘perfect’ image of ourselves, whatever that may be, and pressure to live vicariously through social media. Unfortunately this pressure is in part responsible for the rise in reported mental health problems in young girls and the rise in suicide. Anonymous bullying and ‘trolling’ is social media’s ugly tag-along, it seems easy to make people feel imperfections are not accepted in society.

We’ll be posting more from this photoshoot, as it appears throughout the zine. Copies of the zine are available here and see Ellie’s beautiful of photography work on her website, here.  Thank you Ellie! 

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