Be kind to yourself


Just wanted to pop online and say THANK YOOOOU to everyone who has submitted to our 3rd zine. Really moving and inspirational stuff.

Also – did someone mention there’s some kind of an election?(!!!!!) You might not be, but just in case you are finding it at all a bit much, overwhelmed, make time to take time out, and be kind to yourself. Choose to do something that could distract you from all of the noise.

Whatever the outcome – we’ll look after each other.

My favourite distraction, when options are limited, is to look at creatures! A friend told me about a little Australian Marsupial I had never heard of – a Quokka. The smiliest lil cutie i’ve ever seeeeen! They just have this permanent smile. Here’s a few piccies I found online, I can’t find many credit sources 😦


3_quokka9c2531143db052391416551b5530a98a7982d59fdbaffd4e5899c5471b4af789492405764_1280x720A quokka with a winning smil. Photo: Sylke Rohriach, flickrmaxresdefaulto-QUOKKA-HAPPIEST-ANIMAL-facebookquokka-instagram-featureSpeedy Quokka-Rottnest Island-Perth-_MG_1248--Popup

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