Hi all,

Thank you all so much for the submissions we’ve received so far. Beautiful words and artwork. Lovely to meet some new participants too!

We’ve got space to fill in the 3rd of our zines, DOS ’17 so we’ve extended the delivery date. Get in touch and please let us know if you have any questions.

This year we’ll be featuring crafty tips and advice if you have anything you’d like to share? Submit your story here 

Also if anyone would be interested in running or attending a creative event together let us know! We’re keen to work with you!

Submission recap:

What can you submit?
We want you to feel empowered to submit anything at all

-Your stories and experiences
-Creative writing and poetry
-Illustration / Design / Art / Doodling / Collage / Photography
-Advice for you: people have shared what they deemed to be good advice and bad advice.
-Advice for them: you may wish to give advice on how best to help you or someone else.
-Self Help / Alternative solutions / Crafty tips.

Almost anything goes, if we can somehow get a picture or a scan of whatever it is you’d like to be included – we’ll try our best to include it. Express however you would like to.

What are the general themes of submission?
– Awareness
– Depression / Anxiety / Disorder
– Alternative solutions
– Therapy
– Drugs and Diagnosis
– Politics
– Stigma
– Empowerment
– Experiences
– Wellbeing

Anything you feel fits within the theme of mental health.

anonymous submission form:

If you would like to meet up and submit separately or would like a chat about the project, please contact the inbox above.

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