DAY 5: The Envelope – by Alisia Casper

This was queued up to publish on 14/10 – but i’m afraid it didn’t post for some reason. Apologies for the delay of yesterdays submission post. Here it is!


It’s Friday and we’re happy to share Day 5 of our run of submission posts for  issue 2 of Designing Out Suicide. We’ll be posting each submission as it appears in our zine, until the very last page!

This post features the work of Alysia Casper, not only the beautiful poetry featured below, but also digital illustration, which we love! When emailing Alisia we found that she had a really great sense of humour and kindness, an attitude that we don’t often come across when discussing mental health issues, especially those which are personal to us. Our email exchanges always made me smile. Check out the Alisia Casper spread below, and her words written separately underneath. She will also be featured in a post later on – as she appears a couple of times in the zine.

THANK YOU ALISIA 🙂 you are lovely! Check out her amazing work here. Buy a copy of the zine here

I’ve procrastinated doing my school work by making the feature gif, so please wholeheartedly enjoy it or just fake a chuckle at how i’m losing it with these long nights 😥



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