Day 28: Self care – Nova Cox

Hump day!

The post we’re featuring today is the perfect post to get you over that fat lump of a hump that is Wednesday! Plus is allows me to mention lovely Nova Cox again.

Nova’s work here is a really brilliant expression of self help. She created a positive collage, offering her wonderful advice. She’s one of those amazing people who is always up to something interesting, and is herself interesting and great company. It’s often hard to flip things and see things positively – but when you’re next feeling good – start to write some of the things that you are doing or things that you would like to do, which might make you more inclined to go out and do them. I really struggle without a routine, really badly, and sometime the thought of getting my diary out when i’m in a bit of a hole is really hard work, alongside answering texts! So it’s important not to overface yourself with too much. Self care is the key.

The work featured was created at a Collage and Doodle workshop that we ran, early on in the call for submissions, based at Theatre Delicatessen.

If you would like to buy a physical copy of Nova’s work in our zine, click here:

If you want to see more of her work, follow this link:

Or visit our previous post about her on day 22.




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