DAY 17: ‘…conflicting ideals, pathways and emotions.’ Photography by Kelli Foley

Viernes! Friday! Dihaoine! Fredag! xīngqīwǔ! Vendredi! Perjantai! Paraskevi! Baasan! – any more for any more please?

I hope you have a good weekend ahead of you.

Day 17 of our run of Zine 2 submission posts features the photography of Kelli Foley. She  submitted a few of her series’ of photography. I have the pleasure of knowing Kelli personally, not very well, but well enough to know that she is like a ray of sunshine! In all situations. And super talented, as you can see.

‘Through the use of analogue photography and the methodology of image making, I aim to use ideas behind space, texture and sequence to communicate and visually express a journey of conflicting ideals, pathways and emotions.’ – Kelli Foley

We’ll be featuring more of her work tomorrow, and in future posts. Watch this space. I think it’s interesting to see her work alongside words as well as in isolation, different context can affect their interpretation, as they are so open to that. I’m sure you’d like to see more of her original photography and art, visit her website here:

If you would like to buy a physical copy of her work in our zine, click here:

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