Designing Out Suicide are proud to present to you our first zine!!!! Thank you to all the contributors and people who helped to raise awareness.

Thanks to the people who got in touch this week to add last minute submissions – I just couldn’t say no! This has made the zine increase by a few pages, so the more the merrier! I’m afraid now I officially cannot take further amends & submissions for this zine as it is printed. I’ll be making tweaks that i’ve mentioned this week but haven’t had the chance to copy check all the submissions, i’m sorry about this! I would if it could.

The zine will be ready for you to get your hands on next week – I have a few copies so far but not quite enough to cover all the contributors – so hang tight!

We’re arranging for the next zine submissions for sometime early August with something really very exciting involving workshops and music and further collaboration. Between now and there’ll be workshops, starting with a collaborative workshop with Free Hand Creative Evenings this coming wednesday. 

Watch this space for updates on when you can access the zine & upcoming workshops.

Here’s a video of all the of the submissions!!! 

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