On Wednesday 13/5/15 Designing Out Suicide collaborated with Free Hand Creative Evenings to host another Warrior Craft workshop. This time we were based at Free Hand’s space at CADS, down Smithfield road, in Shalesmoor. CADS is a multi-purpose arts complex full of designers, artists, community groups, musicians, and much more! Take a look at their website for more information about upcoming events and how to get in touch or involved. If you haven’t visited CADS yet – get yourself down for a look around, it’s full of lovely things to please the eyes, the courtyard has the work of  Rob Lee. Rob is a graphic artist who specialises in Perspective Anamorphosis and large scale murals. Having recently worked on projects for Harrods and The Metro in London and having upcoming work at Upfest in Bristol – Rob’s work is getting bigger and better each time, take a look!

CADS offer a scheme called Space CADet whereby they offer space to people to host their new ventures there, this is for a period of 6 weeks and is free of charge! Charly of Free Hand has created such an amazing set of workshops, so amazing that CADS asked her to stay on – past the 6 week period. CADS clearly care about the important of these sorts of socially engaged community groups. Charly has worked really hard to come up with ideas for each workshop and sustain a future at CADS.

We warmed up Wednesday’s session with a little discussion on the subject of what positive words we can use to describe ourselves – something that we’re perhaps not so used to doing as often as we should – or even at all! However, when you get going it’s something that can come quite easily. it might be a good way to think about how we see ourselves rather than worrying about what other people think. It might also be a good exercise to do with a friend or a family member, you could swap paper and write words about each other get started thinking positively about yourself. Being completely honest I found it quite difficult, but I think it was because it was due to how I felt within a group environment – sometimes I’d find it easier to do things like this in private – it’s really however best it works to you!

The header image I’ve used was made by Sarah from Edge Of The Universe Printing Press. It’s a Warrior’s little froggy familiar! How cute…

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