We held our Warrior Craft workshop yesterday at The Moor Theatre Delicatessen. As usual the staff there were super lovely and very helpful. The first warrior crafter arrived at about 12:00 and we got straight to work with the shaping and crafting of our warriors. There was a steady increase in crafters as the day went on until we almost ran out of seats and space! There was quite a lot of discussion about waiting lists and what people were doing in the time between referral and starting things like CBT programs. A lady who attended spoke about attending a mindfulness classes – please see the links for what mindfulness is – i’ll have to update you when I have the link for the classes as i’ve been unable to find it so far. Mindfulness is all about taking the time to breathe, to notice and being aware of our surroundings, taking the time to appreciate the small things in our day today. There was a great deal of good chat and good crafting. There was a really pleasant part in the middle of the class where everyone was completely silent whilst happily winding thread around their warrior frames. They are actually very therapeutic to make and they take however long as you choose to give them to finish. Here are some of the examples below…

Warrior 1 Warrior 2 Warrior 3 Warrior 4 Warrior 5 Warrior 6 Warrior 7 Warrior 8 Warrior 9 Warrior 10 Warrior 12 warrior materials

On the walls of the room we used at the Theatre Deli, i’d exhibited some of the submissions the 1st zine had recieved so far. There wasn’t really any time for people to collaborate with the submissions in this session, but people took the time to read and view the pages. It was really impressive to see the majority of the content all over the walls, it was brilliant to see people having a read and talking about particular submissions.

I’ve been speaking with Luke of Audacious Art Experiment about a potential launch/fundraiser gig for the first zine. I’ll post something up when we’ve got something set in stone, watch this space (and excuse the poor photography!)

submissions on wall IMG_9851 IMG_9854

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