Free Hand Creative Evenings are a Sheffield based community project ran by Charly Calpin. Free Hand provides space and expertise for people with depression and anxiety to be creative. The workshops are based at CADS (Creative Arts Development Space), a multi-purpose arts complex in Sheffield with studios for rent, space for hire. I was contacted a few weeks ago by Charly of Free Hand about collaborating on some of her evenings. Charly puts on Free Hand Creative Evenings every Wednesday for a run of 6 weeks at a time, only usually having a break of a single week for further planning and preparation! She is very modest but has inspired me no-end! I’ve met with Charly a couple of times now and i’m absolutely made up that she’s interested in collaborating with us. We’re beginning to pin down a collaborative workshops that will be held on the 13th of May. Watch this space! In the meantime make sure you checking out Free Hand Creative Evenings, there’s something different and brilliant every time! Also Charly posts lots of really great and useful discussions and articles on Mental Health.


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