Sheffield: Designing Out Suicide : Warrior Craft Workshop!

Thanks to all who have submitted so far! Here’s the final workshop for our first zine! For those who still want to participate after the date of the 27th of April.

Workshops are NOT essential for submission, so go ahead and email us with whatever you’d like to:,

I’ll be bringing along submissions in their pre-zined state so that we can have a look at them before it’s finalised. there’ll be a chance to come up with creative responses to written material submitted so far – however I’ll be running this by those who have submitted to double check that this is OK.

Does everyone remember worry dolls from being a kid? I’m not sure if you will but they’re basically a little box of figurine type people that you’re supposed to tell your worries to and put under your pillow, to stop you worrying! This workshop is basically a grown-up version of this (yet, still daft enough to be a bit of fun). I figured that a more positive spin for our versions of these would be call them Warrior dolls  , this has a much nicer ring to it. Same objective but maybe we’ll make them into pin badges or fridge magnets – the choice is yours! Check out the pictures to better understand the concept!

I’ll be bringing a load of material for doodling and collage also for anyone who would like to carry on with work from previous workshops or just as an alternative.

Waaaaarriors, come out to play-aaay!

Please join us on the 2nd of May at 12:00pm at the Moor Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield

Warrior Dolls Facebook Event
Designing Out Suicide Group
Designing Out Suicide submission info
Designing Out Anonymous submission form




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