Day 24: Photography by Kelli Foley

Saturday, celebrate!

Welcome to day 24 of our run of Zine 2 submission posts features some more beautiful photography by Kelli Foley. This time we feature colour photography, featuring work from a different set than the previous, but still – there’s more to come. See day 17 to read a little about Kelli and and her work. If you’d like to see more of her original photography and art, visit her website here:

These images put the word ‘feral’ in mind, the projections of a forest and the naked figure gives me that sense, but then the shadow’s and the blur are somewhat dream-like, and also I think the the view of the forest is from behind some metal railings, which makes it feel a little more surreal and maybe applies further metaphor?

Thats my interpretation anyway, I could be completely wrong, but it’s subjective so I suppose, in the context of the zine, we are inclined to view it with themes from mental health in mind. In zine 1 we featured the photography of Kat Chadwick, she submitted the photos with a view to expressing a useful method of putting worry out of her mind, using it as a good excuse to get outside and walk.

Thanks again Kelli for sharing your work with us!

Kelli features on pages 29 – 31, 38 – 39, 44, and 48 – 49. If you would like to buy a physical copy of her work in our zine, click here:


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