DAY 7: 16/10/16 MOTIVATION

Welcome to day 7’s zine submission post. We’re posting each submission, as it appears in our 2016 zine. Yesterday’s submission day features a submission by whom is only described as @rupazero. You can follow her on twitter, she’s a great.

This collage was created on a zine fair workshop day for Sheffield Zine Fair 2016. The materials were left out and people were able to come along and collage or draw as they saw fit. They were encouraged to leave whatever submissions to the zine in a small submission box.

Thank you @Rupazero for taking part and sharing your creativity with us and our readers. I hope to meet you sometime in the future. We love your sense of colour and your words. It’s tough to stay motivated, if anyone has any further tips on motivation, feel free to share!


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