Day 1: ‘I am not the floor’ by Jade Blood

Hello hello,

For the next few weeks we’ll be posting a submission a day, by how they appear in our 2016 zine. The first submission we received for Designing Out Suicide 2016 was by Jade Blood. It is an edition in a series called Dream Drawing. Thank you Jade!  Buy a copy of the zine here

‘I suppose drawing is a way of relaxing for me and always has been a good way of taking myself away from everyday life and allows me to reflect on stuff. I used to draw to ignore arguments, to keep out of the way and to have a good think.

I work with children from the age of 3 up to 18 and It upsets me hugely to see the amount of pressure that young people are under already from their parents, peers and school. I like to provide a space where they can create stuff without an ‘outcome’ and encourage use of materials freely and learning through experimentation. Under our current government, creativity in schools is undermined and under funded. A good education should allow free thinking, reflection and exploration!

Deadlines!!STRESS!! are all things that can do one (for an hour or so) when it’s time to do a bit of drawing or painting. My advice for reoccurring low mood is to tell the outside world to fuck off and do some drawing. It takes a bit of time to allow yourself the luxury of that time, but everyone deserves it!’

Jade Blood


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