Following the article in Dazed that we featured on, Journalist/Writer María Yuste contacted us with plans to write an article solely about Designing Out Suicide for María asked us the following questions, see below.

Please read the article here – you may need to click ‘translate’ at the top of the page so you can read it in English. From the day the article was published we’ve received the highest order of zines that we have ever had in ONE WEEK! So I have both  and MarÍa to thank for this increased activity in our readership. The digital version of the zine online, our Facebook and also orders of our physical zine have gone mad. It’s been a busy few days!

This is all good timing as we’ve finished the digital version ZINE 2!!!! We’ll be reviewing quotes for printing over the next week – but also be putting the next issue online for you all to see.

Amazing work everyone – copies of your work in the zine is being read and seen overseas in America and Spain!

We have been contacted by someone who is willing to translate the zine to Spanish, but I think it would be an even better idea to start a Designing Out Suicide group of your own in Spain – please get in touch if you do this! It would be amazing.

Thanks again! And great work.




Questions from María, answers from DoS
1) What led you to create the zine?

The zine was born out of the act of suicide. Personal deliberation and the actual realisation of it when a friend took their life. Not a close friend of mine, more a friend of a friend, but his suicide brought about a lot of contemplation and talking about depression amongst my close friends. It felt personally very close to home. People pulled together and talked about how it affected them. I became aware of the statistic that suicide is one of the biggest cause of death for young men in the UK. I also became aware of an amazing charity that I was unaware of called CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) their campaigning includes a zine for men suffering with mental health problems that can lead to suicide. I decided to follow suit and create a zine for women.

2) What’s been the reception of the zine so far? Which feedback have you received?
I am always surprised by the massive positive reception the zine gets, it’s really reassuring. The contributions for the current zine compared to the newest has increased. I can only imagine that it’s followers and readers will increase with the more activity we have. The more we do things as community the more chance that it might be seen by someone who could find it helpful. From my own experience, personal submissions to the zine are positive and cathartic process. People also can submit anonymously so it’s a forum to talk about whatever they want without having to write their name Also waiting lists can be long for proper mental health care. The workshops that support the making of the zine are a means of peer support in a non-hierarchical environment. It’s good to share experiences or just get together to talk with no experts present. 

3) What’s the criteria you follow to select what goes on the zine and which texts doesn’t?
The only criteria is that the submissions are within the timeframe that i’ve stated. I accept everything that is sent over, sometimes if people have many images I tend to select a few – but this is usually because they have offered me a choice of imagery.

4) What do you want to achieve with it?

The  aim is to raise the awareness of women suffering with suicidal thoughts/ideations or mental health problems, which could lead to suicide. 90% of suicide is related some form of mental health problem, and there are many serious mental health issues that are statistically higher in women – for instance suicidal ideations are higher in women, as is unipolar depression. Arguably, these statistics may be higher due to women being more likely to seek help, either way the need to raise awareness and eliminate stigma is well-founded and valid.

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