Here’s an update to those i’ve not spoken to directly or via email and FB etc about zine #2!! I wanted to let you all know that the Designing out Suicide (NUMBER 2) zine call is looming – just not until March ’16. The call will go live from March 1st and the end date for submissions will be May. Depending on the size I hope to get the zine finished a month later (if not sooner!).

I have a lot less time than I had when I first started out so thought it would be a good idea to echo the previous process in terms of dates – thus making DoS annual. I’ll repeat the process of anonymous submissions as well as named. This proved to be a positive outlet for people who would rather not give their names.

This is a realistic goal for me until I’m finished big-schoolin’, in 2017 (hopefully!).

I’m much richer in knowledge of zine making and workshops though! I really enjoy the process but i’m no expert quite yet, so if people have tips and pointers i’d be happy to take it all on board. I’ve learnt an awful lot about what is feasible and what I am capable of inside time constraints and working alone. I’ve made a list so i’m going to ensure I put the following changes/assertions in place…

SOFTWARE: I am going to sign up to creative cloud and guarantee that I have access to InDesign – which will make things a little easier when making the zine. It will mean that I won’t have to paginate the whole thing by hand by making a maquette style zine! It will help me organise the pages much better. I’ll still have to print and paginate the physical copies by hand but it will save me on the cost and the paper waste (and stressful faces!) I’ve made a hundred thousand and one mistakes along the way and there has been a lot of tearful batches of incorrect photocopying. This needn’t happen again!

MEN ONLY: However much that I’d like to – I can’t start an all men DoS zine because it would not be right for me to run it myself. I have had offers for workshops but it would all still mean that I’d be the one organising it somewhere along the line – which I don’t think would be fair on the men who wanted to take part. The reason I started DoS for women because I noticed a gap. There are amazing suicide preventative campaigns that are solely for men. Gender specification sometimes can be very important, and I am aware that men are more likely to commit suicide. If you are a man reading and would like to take on DoS as a project that runs alongside the existing then please get in touch.

SHARING: Sheffield is a wonderful city for those who wish to share their skills and to encourage people to try new things or better their existing skills. The ethos of spreading positivity is rife! Please see Girl Gang Sheffield, Edge of the Universe Printing Press, Free Hand Creative Evenings, Handmade Cinema, LaDIYfest Sheffield, The Lughole, The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield Zine Fest, +bloody loads that i’ve probably missed.

In the run up to the call out I’ll be setting up a few workshops and peer chat meets – if you’re interested in getting involved is there anything that anyone would like to do? Email me – desingningoutsuicide@gmail.com. Charly Calpin of Free Hand Creative Evenings recently reflected on how therapeutic her last workshop was (via her blog). She talks about how focussing on an activity, concentrating and dedicating a bit of time to something methodical can do you the world of good. I agree!

I could write you a load of naff stuff about my time, what i’m up to and what i’ve been busy with but I’ll save the chat for workshops. If anyone wants just to hang out and talk zines/cartoons/drawing/poetry – whatever you like – give me a shout 🙂 designingoutsuicide@gmail.com

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