Hello from Free Hand Creative Evenings & Designing Out Suicide! We are holding another workshop together next Wednesday (27th of May 2015)

This weeks workshop will be based around what still life drawing/paintings mean.

Still life’s were painted on to the walls of houses to depict the welcome you would receive.

So with that mind we are going to be creating a personal still life showing what you are about and what they can expect when welcomed into your life.
Bring along an item(s) that represent you or a part of your life and integrate them into a still life.

Creating this symbol of yourself is a really good reminder of who you are. At times its easy to feel confused and lost. Still life also requires you to be in the moment so you can focus on what is in front of you.

As always you are welcome to come and work on whatever you wish.

The featured image for this post was made by Charly of Free Hand. “I had a go at making one today, I arranged a collection of items my scissors, needles, avocado, aubergine, a pepper, a shot glass and lime wedge and lightly drew in the composition then I used gig ticket stubs and travel tickets to collage with and overpainted them. I took the picture of a human heart from the internet and placed it at the center as I believe the most important thing I can offer is heart. (smushy I know) The rest represent being vegan, my fashion background and my love of tequila!”

See you soon!!
See the Facebook event here!

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