Collage and Doodle Workshop: 4/4/15


Apologies for the delay in the official blog post, I’ve put work up on here, so far. I wanted to hold off posting this until I could confirm the venue for the next one, but this wont happen until MONDAY 😦 which is no fault of anyone’s, it’s just that people are on their holidays. The next workshop actually meant to be on the 18th of April at the The Moor Theatre Delicatessen  again, but I just need the confirmation before I can confirm this in full.

Anyway! Here are some photos and a little bit of a write up about what went on last Saturday, at the Collage and Doodle workshop at the  The Moor Theatre Delicatessen

Set back behind the curtains of the Theatre Deli cafe; a circular table, in the center of a little grotto-like environment with lamps, drapes, curtains and plenty to do. People began arriving from 12:00pm, on the dot, right up until the very end of the session. There was no need to attend the full session but everyone stayed until they’d created a collage and had a good chat. There were 10 of us in total, cutting sticking and chatting. Most who attended made amazing collages, some just came along to draw, talk and listen. I think we all worked as good catalysts to one another’s conversation and creativity.

There was no real structure to the explanation of the session, it kind of just happened quite organically, you can create a lot of amazing new friends and beautiful artwork in the space of 2 hours!

Thanks again everyone, you’re all ace. Hope to see you at the next one…

D.O.S W1 Keira
By Keira
D.O.S W1 Chella
By Chella
D.O.S W1 Lisab
By Lisa
photo 5
Collage inspiration wall
photo 3
photo 2
arty farty!
D.O.S W1 Rachel 2
By Rachel
D.O.S W1 Rachel 3
By Rachel
D.O.S W1 Rachel 1
By Rachel
D.O.S W1 Nova
By Nova
D.O.S W1 Sarah
By Sarah
D.O.S W1 Clelia
By Clelia

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