Tonight’s meeting


Thank you very much for attending this evening’s meeting, it’s great to know that people are really interested in collaboration and being a part of the zine.

Some things that were highlighted this evening…

Attendance – you can still take part! : 
I have received some emails from people stressing that they really want to take part but couldn’t attend the meeting – the meets are there to encourage conversation and to highlight things that could be useful. It’s all about the peer support and feeling included – we want to make it OK to talk about mental health issues. The date for submission of this zine is the 27th of April, so that we can fashion some form of final version in time for the general election – we want to send things on to politicians to show them how much we care about mental health and how much they should care.

Creativity & Workshops:
I think there’s a general worry about not describing oneself as ‘creative’. I’m sure all of you are creative in some way, but I think it may have been interpreted in the wrong way – I apologise for doing this! The creative aspect is just a fun part of the peer support ethic. The plan for the workshops and meetings is just to chat, likeminded people together sharing experiences or just listening to one another.

People can submit anything form a line of text about how they are feeling, to a scribble representing insomnia! So far there have been submissions of words of wisdom, the moment they encountered a certain feeling and how they it, a photograph, these are just a few examples – you can literally submit anything that you’d like to – on the subject of mental health and suicide, If you feel like scribbling – scribble away, either way the aim is to empower and raise awareness!

The little group we had tonight was really great so thank you very very much for coming along!

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